130 Attend Health & Halacha Seminar

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Groundbreaking Seminar Takes Place at Kinloss

Finchley Synagogue (Kinloss) was the venue for a pioneering seminar on Women’s Health & Halacha on Sunday evening. A packed audience of nearly 150 women heard a insightful keynote address on the laws of family purity by paediatrician and yoetzet halacha (Women’s Halachic Adviser), Dr Deena Zimmerman who had been brought in from Israel to present.

Following on from this those attending heard from a variety of female medical practitioners from the community on topics menopause, miscarriage, screening in pregnancy and contraception.

At the forefront of organising the seminar, organised by Kinloss Community Kollel, was Rebbetzin Lauren Levin who was appointed in December by Kinloss as Britain’s first Orthodox yoetzet halachah. Since her appointment she has made a tremendous impact on the community. As head of the women’s division at Kinloss she has offered regular educational programmes as well as providing halachic advise to many of the community’s women.