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Rabbi Mirvis' Archive

The details of Eliezer’s search for a suitable wife for Isaac are presented in Bereishit 24, one of the longest chapters in the Bible, with 67 verses. The length of this passage suggests that sometimes the search for a suitable spouse can be a long and difficult task. Eliezer’s well-side challenge was a test of […]

In Parshat Toldot we read how Esau came in from the field to find Jacob preparing a pot of lentils. The Midrash tells us that Abraham had just died and Jacob had made the stew with the mourners in mind. Rashi explains that just as lentils are closed, so, too, a mourner finds it difficult […]

“And they were for him like but a few days on account of his love for her” (Bereishit 29:18). This is one of the most romantic reflections in the Torah! Jacob was to marry Rachel in return for seven years of labour. In his eyes, they became “like but a few days” on account of […]

Parshat Vayishlach records the expectation that the children of Jacob had that the men of Shechem would all have a Brit Milah in order to become part of our Nation. There is a fascinating Mishnah (Masechet Succah 28a), which highlights for us the spirit in which a baby should be prepared for his Brit. Our […]

Fidelity and modesty produce long term joy for many  Parshat Vayeshev presents the epic drama of Potiphar’s wife’s attempt to seduce Joseph.  The passage intriguingly mentions the word vayanos (and he fled) on no less than four occasions, highlighting Joseph’s steadfastness in refusing her advances (Bereishit 39). Psalm 114, well-known to us from Hallel, describes […]