Kinloss Community Kollel – Summer 2014

Kinloss Community Kollel

The Kinloss Kollel is pleased to offer another fantastic term of courses & lectures. Click on the links to find out more about our Summer term:

Women’s Programme

Starting Tuesday 29th April @8:30pm – WOMEN’S BEIT MIDRASH

8:30-9:30pm with Lauren Levin, Kinloss community educator

Series 1: Personalities in the Talmud (29th April- 13th May)

Series 2: The Mikva in Real Life (10th-24th June)

Series 3: Practical Kashrut Refresher Course (1st & 8th July)

Click here for full details of our women’s programme.

For more information about all of our KCC, KLC, and Kollel activities for the Summer, please contact Adina or Hannah on 020 8346 8551/ 020 8349 5269.