Kinloss Community Kollel – Spring 2014

Kinloss Community Kollel

The Kinloss Kollel is pleased to offer another fantastic term of courses & lectures. Click on the links to find out more about our Spring term’s:

Women’s Programme

Starting Tuesday 14th January – WOMEN’S BEIT MIDRASH EVENING

8:00pm – Learn Tanach with Natalie Sommer

8:30pm – Parsha: Through the Lens of our Sages, Through the Ages with Lauren Levin

Join Lauren to explore the weekly Parsha, delve into the history, debates and methodology of some key commentators who have had a profound impact on Jewish learning. Open to all levels of learning, gain and skills and tools for self study.

LUNAR will be continuing this term every month. If you’d like to host Lunar, please contact Shoshi or Adina on 020 8346 8551/020 8349 5269.

Click here for more details about our women’s programme.

For more information about all of our KCC, KLC, and Kollel activities for the Spring, please click here or contact Shoshi or Adina on 020 8346 8551/ 020 8349 5269.